Hunter Hayes at Top Gear S22E01

 You were right, It was Hunter hayes on Top Gear S22E01, but not as a celebrity guest.
As we know, Hunter Hayes , the young American country music star loves the show Top Gear and while he was in the UK he posted a picture of him and The Stig!  who is setting lap times for cars tested on the show. Hunter was holding a helmet. Fans thought he might be the guest star of the show. 
Yes he was in the show but It's not quite what you think. When Top Gear S22E01 aired he was just in the audience,  not as a celebrity guest.
It was Ed Sheeran who appeared on the show's segment - Star in a Reasonably Priced Car - and apparently it was the star's first time driving a car, really!
Hunter hayes applauding Ed Sheeran when he announced to the audience.

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