The Ultimate Porsche 911 by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer's engines are comprehensively stripped and then meticulously blue printed, balanced and hand built using new or state of the art componentry. 

 There is a choice of two engines, both with specific characters and capacities from 3.6 L to 3.8L .

3.6-liter engine, producing 270 hp

The 270BHP 3.6L engine is comprehensively rebuilt and blueprinted for maximum efficiency and retains the standard engine management system, exhaust and  ancillaries  maintaining the engines regular emission calibration.
3.8-liter engine, producing 360 hp [* intended for off-road use only in certain territories]

They are proud to be affiliated with Cosworth as the exclusive developer of their 3.8L normally aspirated Porsche flat six engines. Their engines are hand-built in California to motorsport tolerances and benefit from state-of-the-art breakthroughs in intake design, fuel injection, cylinder head design, piston, cylinder and rod design, overall construction and engine management. They feel it is the ultimate compromise between a high revving , high horse-power Porsche racing engine and a torque rich, tractable and durable engine for the road.

The standard exhaust system retains heat exchangers and catalytic converters and is mated to lightweight stainless steel mufflers optimized for both sound and the power characteristics . It has twin center exit pipes and is ceramic coated in matte titanium gray with contrasting polished tips .

Exhaust Options

1. Lightweight stainless steel  header, exhaust and heat system. [* intended for off-road use only]

A newly developed lightweight stainless steel header system has been optimized for the power characteristics of the uprated engine. This system is free from the restrictions of the normal heat exchanger system with benefits in throttle response, torque characteristics and light weight. Heating for the car is supplied by a separate ESPAR heating module that interfaces with the cars existing HVAC system.

The Getrag G50 units form the basis of the transmission options.

These transmissions are comprehensively stripped and rebuilt to exacting tolerances with new components.
The ratios chosen for each engine configuration offer an excellent balance between performance, refinement and touring economy.
The shift linkage is newly developed and results in an oiled, ‘rifle bolt’ tactility that transforms the shift quality of these robust gearboxes.
A single mass flywheel and carbon twin-plate clutch are fitted.

Transmission Options

The standard transmission is the 5 speed Getrag G50 unit.
A Limited slip differential for the 5 speed G50 transmission is available as an option.
Close ratio 6 speed transmission.
A close ratio 6 speed Getrag G50/LSD unit is available as an option. This gearbox has ratios specially chosen to maximize the power potential from the engine for ultimate sporting and track use.


• The steering on the 964 model 911s has long been heralded as one of the finest in existence and they retain this hydraulically power assisted rack and pinion system .


• Singer uses the complete servo assisted braking system from 993 Twin Turbo model – these so called ‘Big Red’ 4 piston Brembo calipers  grip large drilled rotors and provides huge braking abilities  and a resistance to fade for ultimate fast road and track performance.

• All brake lines are braided stainless steel and additional cooling for the front brakes is achieved through the apertures in the front bumper.

The Singer vehicle uses newly developed 17’’ forged aluminum wheels in the style of the iconic Fuchs wheels designed in the 1960’s.  These wheels are extremely strong and lightweight.

• Wheel Sizes: 9”x17’’ front and 11”x17’’ rear.
• The wheels can be ordered with or without center caps at no extra charge.
• The wheels can be ordered with either closed black anodized aluminum lug nuts or with extended wheel studs and open brass plated aluminum lug nuts at no extra charge.
Note: Running these wheels without center caps and long studs gives a very track inspired look and again recalls the racing machines of the 1960’s and ‘70’s.

• The wheels can be specified in a number of special nickel plated or anodized and painted finishes all based on the iconic Fuchs wheels fitted to the 1973 sport and racing models at no extra charge.
• Tires are 225/45 x 17 front and 275/40 x 17 rear Michelin Pilot Sport PS2.
• A performance and track biased R Compound tire that is also road legal can be specified at no extra cost. These tires are designed for ultimate performance in dry and damp conditions and are not recommended for use in rain or standing water.
Tire sizes are 235/40 x 17 front and 275/40 x 17 rear – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

Wheels and Tires Option

Second set wheel and tire package.

Customers can specify an additional set of wheels in any finish fitted with the track biased tires. This option is for owners who drive their cars regularly on the road but also need a practical and easily accessed wheel/tire combination for the track.

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