NEW Dacia City: €5,000 - ($6,600) small city car

 Images show look of booming Dacia’s new baby, based on current Renault Twingo Dacia has been confirmed as the fastest-growing car brand ever to hit the UK – and it’s planning to build on this by launching its cheapest ever model.
The Dacia City is back to being the center of attention thanks to a new wave of rumors regarding the imminent launch of a mini-class model under the Romanian manufacturer’s brand. The French from Caradisiac argue that the second city car in the history of Dacia will be launched next year and will cost 5,000 euro.

Dacia City, as the project is known, is widely publicized in the press in Romania but it will not, however be produced in either Mioveni or the Tangier plant, but in India, at the Renault-Nissan plant in Chennai. The idea of ​​assembling the new mini at the AvtoVAZ Lada factory in Russia was abandoned for financial reasons. Not only the high costs of retrofitting production lines were blamed, but also the limited success of city cars on this market, which would make integrating a segment A model unprofitable in the short and medium term.

The engine range will be a relatively small one, based solely on petrol units. The basic model will be animated by the classic aspirated 1.2-liter engine with 75 hp, and the top model will be offered with the new TCe turbocharged with three cylinders displacing 0.9 liters and producing 90 hp. The price range will also focus on simplicity: 5,000 euro for the 1.2-liter model, and 6,000 euro for the turbo.

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